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Welcome to Bizoholic Digital, where digital innovation meets strategic marketing solutions. We are a passionate team of digital marketers dedicated to transforming businesses through cutting-edge strategies and creative excellence. Our mission is to redefine the digital landscape, one campaign at a time.

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Established in 2010, Bizoholic Digital emerged from a vision to revolutionize the way businesses connect with their audiences online. Over the years, we’ve evolved, adapted, and celebrated numerous milestones, each contributing to our journey of becoming a leading force in the digital marketing realm.

Meet our team

Meet the faces behind the success of Bizoholic Digital. Our team comprises industry experts, creative minds, and strategic thinkers committed to driving results for our clients. Get to know our key team members, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to the table.

Sharon Lane

Sharon Lane

Marketing director

Sheila Johnson

Sheila Johnson

UI designer

Kim Wild

Kim Wild

SEO expert

George Andrews

George Andrews

SEO analysts

core values and mission:

At Bizoholic Digital, our success is rooted in a set of core values that define who we are and how we approach digital marketing. These values aren’t just words on a page; they are the driving force behind every strategy we create and every campaign we execute.

  • Innovative Excellence: We thrive on pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. By embracing creativity and exploring new horizons, we deliver campaigns that not only meet but exceed expectations.
  • Data Empowerment: We believe in the power of data to transform businesses. Informed decisions drive success, and we leverage data insights to navigate the complex digital landscape strategically. Your brand’s journey with us is backed by the precision of analytics and the artistry of interpretation.
  • Client-Centric Collaboration: Collaboration is more than a buzzword for us; it’s the cornerstone of our client relationships. We don’t just work for you; we work with you. Your goals become our goals, and together, we forge a partnership that goes beyond expectations.
  • Impactful Storytelling: Stories have the power to captivate, inspire, and drive action. We specialize in crafting narratives that resonate with your audience. Through compelling storytelling, we turn your brand into an unforgettable experience, leaving a lasting imprint in the digital realm.
  • Agile Adaptability: The digital landscape evolves, and so do we. Agility is our mantra. We navigate change with finesse, adapting our strategies to stay ahead of trends. Your brand isn’t static, and neither are we. We embrace change as an opportunity for growth and success.


At Bizoholic Digital, our mission is to elevate brands through a unique blend of innovation, data intelligence, collaborative partnerships, impactful storytelling, and unwavering adaptability. We don’t just market; we create digital experiences that leave a lasting impression. Join us on a journey where your brand isn’t just seen; it’s celebrated.

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Paid Advertising PPC / Social

Dominate platforms with AI-powered ad campaigns, optimize budgets for maximum video impact, and captivate attention across the digital landscape.

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Search Engine Optimization

Conquer search engines, optimize for voice search, craft quality content that resonates, and become a local search champion.

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Social Media Marketing

Forge meaningful connections, drive sales with influencer partnerships, master short-form content, and leverage paid strategies for explosive growth.

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eMail MArketing

Craft personalized campaigns that engage and convert, automate with precision, and deliver interactive, privacy-conscious emails that truly connect.

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Content marketing

Tell compelling stories that captivate your audience, diversify your content for maximum reach, boost SEO, and optimize based on data-driven insights.

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Streamline workflows, nurture leads effectively, personalize across channels, and make data-driven decisions for smarter marketing.

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Allana May

Web designer

Working with Bizoholic Digital has been a creatively inspiring experience. The personalized journey and human-centric approach have allowed me to contribute to impactful projects that resonate with our clients and their audiences. It’s a privilege to be part of a team that forges meaningful connections and drives engagement.

Simon Coen

SEO analyst

Bizoholic Digital’s commitment to data-driven decisions has significantly influenced our SEO approach. As an SEO Analyst, I appreciate the emphasis on actionable insights, guaranteeing strategic decisions rooted in meaningful data. It’s been rewarding to see measurable improvements in search engine rankings and online visibility.

Asim Faruk

Marketing director

Partnering with Bizoholic Digital has provided invaluable insights and strategies. As a Marketing Director, the AI-powered strategies for tomorrow have been a game-changer, unlocking our brand’s potential. The trust in their proven excellence process ensures the success of our brand, and I’m proud to be part of this journey.

Anna Ferguson

Marketing manager

Bizoholic Digital’s personalized approach has allowed me to tailor marketing initiatives that deeply resonate with our target audience. As a Marketing Manager, forging meaningful connections and driving sales with influencer partnerships has become second nature. The team’s dedication to a human-centric approach is truly commendable.

Mark Allen

Digital designer

Collaborating with Bizoholic Digital has been a rewarding experience. As a Digital Designer, I appreciate the blend of cutting-edge tech with creative design. The result is visually stunning and impactful digital campaigns that showcase the cutting-edge tech that fuels our targeted, data-driven strategies.

Maria Cummings


Bizoholic Digital’s emphasis on technology and data-driven decisions has significantly enhanced our development processes. As a Developer, the streamlined workflows and personalized approach ensure efficiency and measurable results in our projects. It’s an exciting environment where tech meets innovation.